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Introducing the DigivibeMX Vibration Analyzers & Balancing System from Erbessd Reliability Corporation LLC, USA whom we are representing as an Exclusive All India Distributor.
The range of measuring features makes the DigivibeMX an excellent all-purpose vibration analyzer & balancing system for machinery maintenance, service and testing. They will help you prevent damage to machinery and avoid unscheduled downtime.

DigivibeMX M10

Dynamic Balancer with tools and functions for both in situ and balancing machines.

DigivibeMX M20

Vibration Analyzer with built in features like 3D Waterfall, FFT, Phase, Orbits, Bode..

DigivibeMX M30

Vibration Analyzer, Dynamic Balancer and Data Collector with more functions in the market.

All the above models are also available with Wireless Accelerometer variant.

Vibrations on rotating equipment are caused by unbalance, misalignment, defective bearings, gear damage or looseness. These defects may occur in short intervals. Vibration analysis allows identifying the root cause of such abnormalities.
Unbalance of rotors is one of the most common faults in rotating equipment. Our equipment helps you in detecting the unbalances simply and precisely, and correct them quickly and effectively.


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