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Dial Gauge Shaft Alignment


BALTECH has developed and manufacturers inexpensive, simple and efficient electronic and mechanical alignment systems BALTECH SA Dial Gauge Shaft Alignment Series, that allow to perform horizontal and vertical shaft alignment. All our alignment systems allow to perform the alignment with two methods: dial indicator method and radiaxial method.
Shaft alignment is a procedure of determining and adjusting the relative position of two connected machines so that the rotational centres of the shafts are collinear.
The shafts alignment is one of the main stages during the maintenance and repair of electric motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, turbine units, etc. The proper shaft alignment allows to:

  • Reduce vibration
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce wear of parts
  • Increase working life of parts
  • Enhance quality control


BALTECH SA-4000 is a tool kit for shaft alignment with dial indicators and without a unit for


The BALTECH SA-4100 shaft alignment system with dial indicators on the basis of


During repair of dynamic equipment it is important to perform shaft alignment and balancing


BALTECH SA-4300 is an electronic and mechanical alignment system with


BALTECH SA-PRO has been developed by BALTECH for specialists who already use BALTECH SA


The calibration shims BALTECH-23458N Series are used for machine alignment during assembly and repair works.


The set of calibration gauges (gauge) is made of tampered stainless steel and brass. The measurement gauges BALTECH FG Series

Shaft alignment is the positioning of the rotational centers of two or more shafts such that they are co-linear when the machines are under normal operating conditions. Proper shaft alignment is not dictated by the total indicator reading (TIR) of the coupling hubs or the shafts, but rather by the proper centers of rotation of the shaft supporting members (the machine bearings).
There are two components of misalignment—angular and offset.
Offset misalignment, sometimes referred to as parallel misalignment, is the distance between the shaft centers of rotation measured at the plane of power transmission. This is typically measured at the coupling center.
Angular misalignment, sometimes referred to as "gap" or "face," is the difference in the slope of one shaft, usually the moveable machine, as compared to the slope of the shaft of the other machine, usually the stationary machine. The units for this measurement are comparable to the measurement of the slope of a roof (i.e., rise/run)
As stated, there are two separate alignment conditions that require correction. There are also two planes of potential misalignment—the horizontal plane (side to side) and the vertical plane (up and down). Each alignment plane has offset and angular components, so there are actually four alignment parameters to be measured and corrected. They are horizontal angularity (HA), horizontal offset (HO), vertical angularity (VA), and vertical offset (VO).


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