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Bearing Shock Pulse Meter - ROKADE SPM 111


Damage severity readings of bearings

Detects Mechanical Condition of Bearings

Non-contact measurements of rotational speed

Vibration Measurements according to ISO recommendations.

Detects Lubrication condition of ball-and-roller-type Bearings

Direct indication of machine condition in termsof good - reduced - bad in condition scale


SPM-111 is a small Micro Processor based diagnostic tool for comprehensive condition analysis of rotating machinery. Objective measurements of machine condition are needed as a reliable base for preventive maintenance. Now maintenance person can analyze bearing

condition, measure machine vibration and check rotational speed - with a single and easy to use instrument. The best way is to periodically monitor bearing condition and replace the bearing at the right time by least influencing the production efficiency.

For bearing monitoring, Bearing tester will provide you with the right information instantaneously anywhere and anytime. The information which allows effective action plan to improve plant efficiency, optimize production and reduce downtime

SPM-111 Bearing Tester works on echo (shock) pulse method. Bearing Tester gives a direct evaluation of the bearing operating condition while it is still running in a simple and easy to evaluate color coded zone conditions. Green zone for GOOD operation condition, Yellow zone for REDUCED operating condition and Red zone for BAD operating condition of the bearing at a quick glance apart from numeric values.

Standard Supply

ROKADE Bearing Shock Pulse Meter (SPM-111) with Protective Pouch

Laser Tachometer with Reflecting Tapes

Test & Calibration Report with Warranty/Guarantee Certificate

Vibration Transducer VSF-1F (Accelerometer), Magnetic Base, Low Noise Cable with Connectors 1.5Mtrs, Hand-Held Probe rod,

Bearing Probe

Carry Bag


Head Phone

Batteries-6 nos (1.5VAA)


Bearing Tester Function Laser Tachometer Function
Measuring range (Shock Pulse) -19 to 99 dBpv Measuring range Up to 19,999 RPM
Resolution 1 dBpv Measuring Distance Up to 2 feet
Vibration Tester Function Resolution 1 rpm
Measuring Range 0.1 to 99.9mm/s RMS Temperature range 0 oC to 50 o
Resolution 0.1 mm/s Display 16x4 line Dot Matrix LCD
Accuracy +/- (2% + 0.1 mm/s) Keypad Sealed membrane