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Laser Shaft Alignment Services


Laser Shaft alignment services is the process of aligning two or more shafts with each other to within a tolerated margin.

Used In




Gear Boxes

Cooling Tower Assembly

Turbines Spindles

Flexible couplings

Any type of drive and Machine Assembly.


Our Alignment Services include rotating shaft alignment using imported brands of precision laser systems. We provide complete laser shaft alignment services.

The center point of connected shafts such as a drive motor to a gear box must be concentric for trouble free operation. If not, problems such as vibration, bearing and coupling failure and mechanical wear to parts will exist. With the use of a laser shaft alignment system and our trained and experienced personnel, Clients are assured of a proper job. The old days of magnetic bases, dial indicators and shaft sag have given way to methods of Laser shaft alignment, which are much faster, more accurate and far superior.

Precision Machinery Alignment & Installations

Precision alignment of machinery is accomplished at installation or during maintenance / repair through the use of précised Laser Shaft Alignment Tools. Our methods of machinery alignment is far superior in terms of accuracy, speed and job site adaptability than out-dated methods.

Our alignment tools and methods used during machine installations speed up the process of getting equipment up and running and ensure infield quality control for machinery setting.

A definite breakdown in precision exists between the fabrication and buildup of machinery in a fabrication shop to the installation, in the field.

The general condition of machinery and the ability to maintain precise alignment starts at the foundation; proper footings, installation of sole plates, proper anchoring and grouting are all key factors to consider when installing machinery of any kind. Our expertise in these areas is a valuable resource.

We offer technical knowledge, expertise and experience to evaluate your alignment needs. We provide you with complete on-site precision alignment support for machinery installations (both new and used), and also existing machinery ensuring optimum performance.


Reduce Machines Vibration.

Reduce Machine break-down

Reduce Production loss

Reduce Energy consumption

Reduce Bearings and other parts failure

Reduce Coupling wear and Shaft breakage

Long land trouble free Machine performance

Types of Misalignment

Parallel Misalignment

Vertical Angle Misalignment

Horizontal Angle Misalignment

Vertical Angular and Offset Misalignment

Horizontal Angular and Offset Misalignment

Machine Train Alignment



Turbine HP-Turbine LP- Generator

Boiler Feed Pump-Turbine-Gearbox-Booster Pump

Alignment Services are done on




Gear Boxes

Cooling Tower Assembly

Any type of drive and Machine Assembly.

Turbines Spindles

Flexible couplings

Flexible Couplings

The vast majority of couplings used in the industry are flexible couplings and they require precision alignment. Coupling tolerances are just that for the coupling. The forces generated by misaligned flexible couplings are still being transmitted to the seals and bearings of the machine. Forces generate excess heat which leads to energy losses and decreased bearing and seal life.

Our well trained and experienced personnel are always available on call, who visit the Sites in shortest possible time and offer efficient Laser Shaft Alignment Service.

The Services are rendered by us all over the country and abroad, to many Customers.