Vibration Analyzer

Vibration Analyzer & Balancer

A vibration analyzer is used for testing and inspection in manufacturing production facilities, product development laboratories, construction sites and more.A vibration analyzer measures vibration for the preventative maintenance of manufacturing equipment. A vibration analyzer also is used to assess a machine's axis of rotation. If there is rotating unbalance, the rotor can be balanced on site itself using the Vibration Analyzer & Balancer.

Measurements obtained by a vibration analyzer typically identify parameters of vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement. In this way, vibration is recorded with great precision.

To help you prevent costly machine failures and downtime, we offer a variety of hand held portable Vibration Meter/Analyzer/Data Collectors in both single channel and multichannel configurations. Vibration Analyzers are used to perform FFT spectrum analysis on rotating machinery usually at bearing locations. They display, store and many print the resultant spectrum analysis. Data Collectors are used to collect vibration data from multiple locations across your facility usually by preplanned route. The data is then compared to previous readings and analyzed. Multifunction Analyzers can perform data collection, analysis & balancing.