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Vibration Meter 2050

Used For

Vibration testing

Vibration checking

Overall vibration measurement

Vibration measurement in Acceleration / Velocity / Displacement / Bearing Spike


Rechargeable battery

As per IS 11724 requirements.

Magnetic mounting or Touch Probe for sensor attachment

Accelerometer sensor with ultra-flexible lead and built-in amplifier.

Hand Held Vibration Meter with Velocity, Displacement, Acceleration and Bearing modes.

vibration meter-2050


The Bearing Spike feature of the 2050 focuses attention on the bearing related vibration, and thus a very ellective bearing replacement system can be implemented on this basis. The 2050 also finds innumerable applications in laboratories, and research organisation engaged in machine dynam ics, where a simple and reliable measurement must replace subjective methods of vibration severity assessment. The 2050 is an extremely popular instrument, and is now olfered in a sub- compact Surface- Mount technology version, with drastically reduced size and weight lor truly hand —held convenience, portability, and reliability


The BASELINE Hand- held vibration meter 2050 is a universally applied tool for one off or periodic measurement ol vibration on machinery. Specilcally the meter may be employed lor the following applications

Ouality Control Applications ol rotating or reciprocating machines, such as fans, blowers, pumps, compressors, centriluges, machine tools, paper plants, film plants, textile machinery, turbo machinery, motors, generators, domestic appliances, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment, or any other similar m achine displaying steady state vibration levels.

Monitoring the mechanical condition of machinery with the objective of preventing sudden breakdowns. The meter can be used to implement a very cost- effective and simple system of preventive- breakdown maintenance. The vibration levels on specified points of a m achine is periodically logged, and compared to reference figures established in the beginning. A rising vibration trend can signal the need for taking corrective action before an impending breakdown. This approach to maintenance has proved extremely useful, the world over in reducing unexpected plant failures, and saving precious resources.


LCD display.

Powered by built- in rechargeable Ni- MH Battery.

Compact piezo- electronic sensor with built in line driven amplifier

Wide range of vibration measurement for very low to very high levels.

Multi- mode instrument for True RMS vibration velocity, bearing spike and Pk- Pk displacement.

No moving parts.

Sealed and oil- proof membrane touch- switches.

Extremely compact and reliable due to Surface Mount technology.

Hand held meter for measurement of vlbratlon as per IS 11724, ISO 2372, BS 4675 or VDE 2056

Technical Specifications

Product Data Vibration Meter 2050
Sensor Piezo-electronic Accelerometer with built-in charge amplifier in Stainless Steel body.
Bearing Spike 0-199.9 m/sec2 or 0-19.99 m/sec2 True RMS.
Acceleration 0-199.9 m/sec2 or 0-19.99 m/sec2 True RMS.
Velocity 0-199.9 mm/sec or 0-19.99 mm/sec True RMS
Displacement 0-1999 microns or 0-199.9 microns Pk-Pk
Frequency Range 10Hz-1kHz (600-60,000 Cycles per minute)
Battery Internal Ni- MH rechargeable battery. Approx charge life of 6 hours continuous use, and a life of approx 500 deep cycles.
Display 3 %o digital LCD with Lo Batt. Indication
Temperature range 0-45 Deg C upto 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions 175 (L) x 70 (W) x 27 (D) mm.
Weight 400 gms approx, including battery
Standard Accessories Sensor with 2m lead, Touch Probe, Magnetic base, AC Charger, Folio type carrying case, Operation Manual