Bearing Induction Heater

ROKADE Bearing Induction Heater

ROKADE Induction Heater Series are intended to perform heating of bearings, half-couplings, gearwheels and metal rings for their interference fit on a shaft. The heating process is controlled automatically by a temperature sensor, which is installed on the inner bearing ring. The induction heaters automatically demagnetize bearings (parts) after heating to a defined temperature. The induction heater heats only parts, while when using an oil bath, the energy is consumed on heating a bath and oil, and often no temperature control is performed.

This leads to underheating or overheating, which results in improper part mounting. The heating can be conducted based on the temperature control or time control. These Induction Heaters are available in various capacity, by means of bore size of shaft Bearing, weight of Bearing or Pinion or Gear or any other component to be mounted on shaft, Time of heating periphery of inner races of Bearing etc.. All the induction heaters are delivered with thermal-resistant gloves and yokes.