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Dynamic Balancing Services - Inhouse Balancing on Machine


A rotating mass would be considered to be dynamically balanced when no centrifugal force or couple is produced during rotation. A balanced system can rotate without requiring external force or couple other than that required to support its weight. Unbalance in such a system would place stress on the bearings, resulting in undesirable vibration.



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Though a Rotor needs only occasionally, but you don't have the right Balancing Machine to do the job. Perhaps the rotor is too light or too heavy, perhaps even flexible. To have a Balancing Machine entails investment. This may present a serious problem.

To over-come the problem, we offer Dynamic Balancing Services. This service is ideal for Organizations who are cost conscious and also for a specific job, if the Machine already available in the Organization is not available.

Our Balancing Division offers Services for all types of Rotary Machines. Numerous Clients are benefitted from our vast experience and extensive resources, thereby saving Plant down time and cost. Our Balancing Capacity is from 0.5 Kgs. to 30 Tons.

We render Dynamic Balancing Services for various Customers from almost all Sectors, all over the country.

Services By Machine Weight

Weight up to 30 Tons

We have recently installed new SCHENK Hard Bearing Balancing Machine Model H70 U/ BU+CA, Capacity of 30 tons suitable for End –Drive as well as Belt- Drive arrangement. Any Rotors having weight of 30-32 tons can be balanced on this Machine at low speed as per machine design specified speed. Also, Rotors having weight up-to 5-6 tons can be balanced on this machine at rated speed and 25% of over speed i.e. up-to around 3800 RPM .This is a special inbuilt feature in this machine .

After balancing of any critical Rotor or Equipment at low speed, if creating vibrations at rated speed, can be balanced at rated speed to resolve the vibrations problems.

Transportable Balancing Machine Capacity 100 tons

We have resources and facility for balancing Jobs at your factory site anywhere in India by Transportable (Mobile) Hard Bearing Balancing Machine, Model HT 100 of for Rotors weighing up to 100 Tons. Any big Rotor can be balanced at Site.

By availing this special facility, Customers can avoid transportation time, handling, transportation cost and down time. Thus, this facility will give the Organization a big saving.

The Rotors such as Turbine, Hydro-Turbine, and Kiln Rotors for cement Plants can be balanced on this Machine